The New Green Ranger Reveals Whose Side He’s Really On


The new Green Ranger proves that he’s still the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ biggest wild card as he shows his true colors.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Mighty Morphin #8 by Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, Walter Baiamonte, Katia Ranalli, Sara Antonellini and Ed Dukeshire, on sale now.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have been facing the worst days of their entire career. Not only has their hometown of Angel Grove fallen completely to the forces of Lord Zedd, but their fellow citizens and even their newest allies seem to have sided with their worst enemy. To top things off, Angel Grove has never looked better, but when the Power Rangers aren’t willing to give in to Zedd’s demands, the battle is back on.

Luckily, the Power Rangers aren’t as alone as they would think, especially not when the new Green Ranger, Matthew Cook, himself has one last shocking twist up his emerald sleeve by double-crossing Lord Zedd in Mighty Morphin #8.

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Lord Zedd asked that the Mighty Morphin team hand over their mentor, Zordon, and he would gladly take his monstrous army and leave their planet for good. Of course, the Power Rangers aren’t ones to hand their closest ally over to their worst enemy, so they launched yet another assault on the city’s captors. While Tommy Oliver crashed his way through Angel Grove in the White Tigerzord only to once again encounter the oversized Putty Prime, Matthew Cook can’t help but express his unhappiness about the situation to Grace Sterling, the former Ranger who now coordinates her own defense efforts. She assures him that they only need to wait for their moment and that this is just an unfortunate part of the job. As much as Matthew trusts Grace, he doesn’t have faith in the other Rangers to trust in him the same way. Luckily, he doesn’t have to wait longto show his true colors.

Once the other Rangers spring into action inside of Promethea Labs and draw Lord Zedd’s full attention, Sterling gives the signal for Matthew to teleport away to the other battlefield outside. When Tommy is barely able to hold his own against the massive Putty Prime, Matthew and the Dragonzord make their triumphant return. A vicious strike with the Dragonzord’s tail buys Tommy all the time he needs to launch a White Tiger Thunderball at the giant Putty, while Matthew destroys the energy shield that has held Angel Grove hostage. The citizens of Angel Grove can’t help but cheer as they watch their hometown hero’s victory unfold. Meanwhile, Tommy Oliver accuses Matthew of playing along with Zedd until he could swoop in and steal the glory for himself. As obvious as it is that Tommy’s feelings are misplaced regarding Matthew’s intentions, he isn’t the only one left questioning this particular Green Ranger’s motives.

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After the dust has settled and life in Angel Grove has returned to some semblance of normal, Matthew is happy to do an interview with Bulk and Skull’s Ranger Station series, and he espouses to the citizens of the city his dedication to protect them at all costs and at every turn. Even when things were at their worst, there was little doubt that Matthew and Grace both had only ever planned on protecting their home no matter what it looked like from the outside.

The legacy of the Green Ranger is certainly one of the most complicated, and Matthew’s willingness to go along with Zedd only further adds to those complexities. Then again, it also proves just how much of a hero Matthew Cook really is. With any luck, the rest of the Power Rangers will realize that for themselves before they need his help again.

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