The Shadow King’s New Mutants Disciples Have a DANGEROUS Plan


In New Mutants, the young X-Men who’ve ended up under the influence of the Shadow King have a dark plan to save a friend.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for New Mutants #20 on sale now

The Shadow King has increasingly been spreading his influence on Krakoa, quietly taking a group of young mutants under his wing and showing them how to experiment with their powers. While Wolfsbane is perhaps the most troubling due to her experience and knowledge, he’s also taken a keen interest in four younger figures — Anole, Rain Boy, Cosmar, and No-Girl. He’s shown them how to briefly trade bodies thanks to No-Girl’s powers and has encouraged such experimentation, even if the attempts cause intense pain in the young mutants.

While the four have been taken in completely, Scout has been warier about their decision to trust the Shadow King, and has tried to warn them about how dangerous he could be — only for the Shadow King to seemingly corner Scout during the Hellfire Gala and kill her. The act of reviving her has proven more difficult and dangerous than it possibly should though thanks to the efforts of her friends, as revealed in New Mutants #20 by Vita Ayala, Alex Lins, Matt Milla, and VC’s Travis Lanham.

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Discovering Scout’s body, the four young mutants decide to try and revive her themselves, without informing the adults. Reasoning that their teachers might not even revive Scout because of her status as a clone (similar to how Madelyne Pryor has been barred from resurrection), No-Girl uses her powers to effectively possess Scout and lead the others towards the Resurrection Gardens. Along the way, she confronts Daken and potentially damages the relationship between him and Scout, all while arguing they’re in the right.

It’s clear they all truly do value Scout and her friendship, but that their willingness to do anything to help her has morphed into a far more dangerous endeavor. Using Cosmar’s powers, the group is able to break into the Hatchery, allowing No-Girl to use her powers against Tempus and take her over before she realizes what they’re doing. They’re soon joined by Wolfsbane — who has also seemingly made her way into the Hatchery. As the four young mutants recognize, they could easily get into massive trouble for sneaking into one of the most important places on Krakoa, and it seems they’ve already been spotted — regardless of how their attempted revival of Scout goes.

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It’s possible that the Shadow King has been manipulating them — and Wolfsbane — in an attempt to reach the Hatchery, suggesting the long-time villain has some cruel plan for the future of mutantkind in store. The four young mutants may have caused serious damage to the island in their attempts to restore the friend, giving him a potential opening to the Hatchery. But on top of that, No-Girl may have also risked her friendship with Scout even if she’s revived. Scout — like the rest of Wolverine’s family — has a history of being controlled by others and puppeted against her will.

It’s a trauma Scout has been specifically trying to overcome, mentioning how she doesn’t want her friends to go through that same kind of incident. But now, rather than inform her family of her death and get her the help she needs through official channels, No-Girl is literally puppeteering Scout’s body around, damaging her relationships and taking away her control over her body. Scout is likely to be upset when she discovers the lengths her “friends” were willing to go with her, and their mission to restore her on their own terms might end up costing them her friendship.

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