The Son of Hulk Just Showed the Marvel Universe How Strong He Really Is


Gamma Flight’s ongoing battle against the Abomination has finally given the Son of the Hulk a chance to remind the world just how strong he really is.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Gamma Flight #5, available now from Marvel.

Their efforts to help the Immortal Hulk have landed Gamma Flight in the middle of a horrifying conspiracy orchestrated by none other than the recently resurrected Abomination. Apart from the threat that the irradiated villain himself poses, there is an army of Gamma Zombies just waiting to be unleashed. Not only that, but the Son of the Hulk has even returned to lend a hand to Abomination’s scheme. Unfortunately for Abomination, his most powerful ally just joined the other team to become the strongest member of Gamma Flight yet in Gamma Flight #5 by Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier, Lan Medina, Antonio Fabela and VC’s Joe Sabino.

In spite of Del Frye’s ability to guide the way through the legions of Gamma Zombies, that alone isn’t enough for the heroes of Gamma Flight to make their way into Abomination’s stronghold unseen. The villain is happy to finally confront those who have stood against him for so long, especially with General Fortean’s daughter Dionne aka Stockpile in the mix, though he chooses to send Skaar to greet their intruders. As it turns out, that was the worst decision Abomination could have made, as Skaar and Stockpile have a lot more in common than their grotesque transformations under General Fortean’s watch. It doesn’t take much convincing on Dionne’s part to get Skaar to take in the bigger picture, with Abomination’s true intentions coming into focus most prominently. Skaar, not willing to be a pawn in someone else’s scheme, decides to lead Gamma Flight straight to the General/Abomination in a moment that may very well mark his return as a hero in his own right.

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Skaar’s life has been a near-constant series of battles since his introduction to the Marvel Universe in 2007’s World War Hulk #5 by Greg Pak and John Romita Jr., but the one that lies before him is poised to be his most important yet. It took years for Skaar to overcome the boundless personal disconnection between himself and the World Breaker Hulk who was his father, only for another of Bruce Banner’s personas to be the one to strip him of his powers. Once General Fortean/Abomination’s Green Spring gave him the chance to become the warrior he once was, the price of joining in the villain’s fight seemed only reasonable.

Realizing that it was just another aspect of his life that he had lost control over wasn’t just enough to sway Skaar’s loyalties, though, it also reignited the heroic fervor that he had seemingly lost as well. When Skaar and the others catch up to Abomination, the villain is in the midst of delivering a brutal beating to Doc Sasquatch while his Gamma minions guard their path. With Stockpile, Titania and Puck clearing the way, Skaar finally gets his shot at Abomination, and from the looks of things he could be the one to end the fight.

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Skaar might not have the same experience as the rest of Gamma Flight or even be an official member of the team at this point, but seeing him help turn the tide of battle against Abomination is more than enough to at least make him an honorary member. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first superhero team he has fought alongside, although they would certainly be the most monstrous. With any luck, Skaar will find himself at peace after confronting Abomination even if he doesn’t find himself at home as part of Gamma Flight after their most recent encounter.

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