Tom Cruise pulls some serious Gs in latest promotional YouTube clip for upcoming Top Gun sequel


Dec 19, 2019 16:24 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Dec 19 (ANI): Tom Cruise is no stranger to performing his own stunts whenever the opportunity arises. Living up to his daredevil reputation, he was seen pulling some serious G’s in a fighter jet’s cockpit for his upcoming Top Gun Sequel.
A recently released 3-minute long promotional clip on YouTube shows Tom flying a fighter jet with 6 cameras capturing his strained expressions while he fights against the G forces to stay conscious.
The 57-year-old Hollywood star justified putting his physical wellbeing in peril instead of letting CGI do the job by saying that “you can’t act that, the distortion in the face. They’re pulling 7 1/2 , 8 G’s. That’s 1,600 pounds of force”.
One of the actors from the movie, Danny Ramirez pops up around three-quarters of the way into the video trying his best not to throw up as he looks out of the aircraft’s canopy.
Co-star Milles Teller who plays the character of ‘Rooster’ said, “Putting us up in these jets, it’s very serious. That’s why everybody thought it would be impossible. I think when Tom hears that something’s impossible or it can’t be done, that’s when he gets to work.”
‘Top Gun: Maverick’, that has come 34 years after its predecessor, is due to be released in June 2020.
Here Cruise is a veteran test pilot who goes by the name Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. He is assigned the job of training a group of graduates from the USAF Top Gun program for a highly specialised and risky mission. (ANI)




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