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On social media, some members of the public have warned they are now receiving a text claiming they are entitled to a TV licence refund due to the pandemic. The text claims you are eligible for a full refund of the £157.50 TV licence fee. In full, the text says: “Records show that you are eligible for a full refund due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The text then tells the recipient to visit in order to reclaim the refund.

However, alerting fellow licence holders, users on Twitter issued their concern posed to those who are vulnerable and may follow the link.

Tim Duckworth said: “Beware the TV Licence refund scam people.

“Let all the vulnerable know not to open this link if you are sent a message like this.”

Sue Giles said: “Scam alert! Just received this text alert.

“Looks like a scam to me due to its .net address? The site doesn’t mention Covid refunds.”

Anyone who receives the text should not follow the link and make sure you are either visiting, or

On their website, TV Licensing UK insists they will never ask for a refund or attempt to set up a payment plan.

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In an email which circulated last month, Britons were urged in the scam to pay a fee or they will lose their coverage.

The email read: “Today is your last chance to remain licensed. You won’t be covered if you let your licence expire.

“As we couldn’t take the latest payment from your bank account, this amount will also need to be paid when you set up your new direct debit.

“To change your payment method, have a look at your options.

“All you need to do is make sure there’s enough money in your account.

“If you prefer to pay the missed amount now, you can sign in online and pay using your debit or credit card.

“While you’re signed in, please make sure we have your correct bank details.”




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