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Universal Credit is available to help people struggling with their finances. As England faces a third national lockdown this month due to coronavirus, many may need to access Government support over the coming months. MoneySavingExpert’s Martin Lewis explained in his latest weekly newsletter that Universal Credit can help people during these difficult economic times.

Mr Lewis said: “Universal Credit is a benefit available to many employed, self-employed and unemployed people or those on low incomes, whether furloughed, getting SEISS or not.”

Mr Lewis added: “Many dismiss it, but while it’s not perfect it may help.

“At the top end, including housing allowances it can be worth £1,500/mth tax-free.

“So if you’re struggling, check if you’re eligible… Though those with savings above £6,000 get less (rightly or wrongly – you’re expected to then support yourself more).”

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How much is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is made up of a standard allowance, but people can get extra amounts depending on their personal circumstances.

For example people who have children, or people who have a disability or health condition, may be eligible for extra funding on top of the standard allowance.

The monthly standard allowance under Universal Credit is as follows:

  • Single and under 25 – £342.72
  • Single and 25 or over – £409.89
  • In a couple, and both are under 25 – £488.59 for both
  • In a couple, and either are 25 or over – £594.04 for both

Benefits calculators can be found via the Government website, which can help people find out how much they could get in benefits.




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