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The Gloomrot update brings two new weapons to V Rising, the Greatsword and the Dual Pistols. These are extremely powerful but cannot be unlocked during the game’s first hours. In fact, the Dual Pistols are tied to a level 57 boss, Jade the Vampire Hunter, and you won’t get their recipe until you beat her and extract her V Blood.

Jade the Vampire Hunter is a tough boss to fight against but is not invincible. You can read how to beat her and unlock the Dual Pistols in this guide.

How to find Jade the Vampire Hunter

Jade the Vampire Hunter is a level 57 roaming boss and can be found on the roads of the Dunley Farmlands. If you have already visited this region, you may have encountered her while looking for a horse or some precious crafting materials. There isn’t a set zone for her, but she generally wanders in the central part of the Farmlands, between the Haunted Iron Mine and the Bastion of Dunley.

To effectively locate her, you should use the V Blood menu. You can do this by pressing K on the keyboard and selecting this boss. You can track her blood by following the red path you see with your character, as it will bring you to her exact location.

How to defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter

You must first defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter and extract her V Blood to unlock the Dual Pistols recipe in V Rising. To have a better chance of winning the fight without too much trouble, you should be level 57 or higher. However, you can still battle this boss if you are just a few levels lower than her, but be prepared for a demanding match. This fight will be much easier if you are playing with your friends or a clan.

As soon as you find her, try to lure her far from the roads, so you won’t have any additional mob joining the battle and causing extra trouble to you. Jade is a much more powerful boss than Tristan, the other Vampire Hunter, but she also has weak spots. She will attack you from a distance, so you can use your defensive abilities or simply dodge to avoid most of her bullets and bombs. Be careful, however; when she says, “One shot, one kill,” instantly dodge to prevent her attack from hitting you. Otherwise, you won’t survive long enough.

Once you defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter, drink her V Blood to unlock the Pistols recipe. You will also get the Chaos Barrage spell, which lets you launch four Chaos Orbs that deal magic damage on enemies and inflict Ignite. The Primal Blood Essence recipe is the last reward you will get from this boss.

How to craft the Dual Pistols in V Rising

Now that the recipe is unlocked, you can craft the Pistols in V Rising at the Smithy. The Iron Pistols are the first type you get. They are a level 15 weapon that requires 16 Iron Ingots and 12 Planks to be created if you don’t have the floor bonus.

This weapon is excellent for long-range attacks and deals a good amount of damage to most enemies. It’s a great resource when you plan on hitting your opponents from a certain distance before eventually engaging in combat with your melee weapons.

If you have just started playing V Rising or haven’t logged in a long time, you can check how to get Copper and some tips on getting started.

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