What to Expect: New Images of Sony PlayStation Project Q Handheld Gaming Device Revealed in Leak

Recently, leaked images and videos of the upcoming Project Q by Sony PlayStation have surfaced online. These visuals showcase the device in action, provide a glimpse into its operating system, and reveal some internal components. Discover more about the leaked images of the Project Q handheld gaming device below.

Tech enthusiast Zuby Tech, spotted by TheLoadout, recently shared these images on their Twitter account. The videos and pictures demonstrate a fully functional device, purportedly running on an Android OS. Additional images offer a closer look at the device’s front, back, and internal parts. Although these leaked visuals hold promise, Sony’s official announcement will provide more information about the features and specifications of Project Q.

The handheld gaming market has been steadily growing. While Valve’s Steam Deck currently dominates the scene, Asus’ latest offering, the ROG Ally, is providing significant competition.

Sony has a long-standing presence in the handheld gaming market, with successful devices like the PSP and PS Vita. However, it has been a while since these devices were refreshed. Thankfully, PlayStation announced in May that a new handheld gaming device called Project Q would be coming to the platform.