Green Eggs And Thank FOC It’s The 18th of June, 2022



Thank FOC It’s Saturday – Planned to coincide and cover the demands of Final Order Cut Off at Diamond Comic Distributors on Monday. And now Lunar Distribution and Penguin Random House on Sunday as well. So here’s this week’s comics product coming through that may need adjusting as demand slips and slides with the emerging economic bubble. Or somesuch. Traditionally FOC is the date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty. A final opportunity for publishers to promote books while orders can still be added. A time for credits to be amends, new covers to be revealed, and a final push given. This is an attempt to sift through them all and find the most relevant items.

What’s FOC-ing this weekend?

  • Overwatch starts a new series, New Blood, by Ray Fawkes and Irene Koh. “With chaos and devastation rife around the world, Cole Cassidy receives the call to rejoin Overwatch . . . but memories of its fall still haunt him. After an unexpected reunion with an old friend, Cassidy considers that maybe Overwatch needs more than the old crew to give it new life. Variant cover by Dustin Nguyen (Batman)!”
  • 7174 Presents #1 begins a new anthology comic book by Ashley Wood. “Following the artistic showcase that was 7174 ANNUAL 01, ASHLEY WOOD is back with this comic-sized 48-pager that showcases his ongoing and continuously evolving love affair with art styles that captivate, titillate, and motivate…you, to keep coming back for more!”

  • Above Snakes #1 by Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman launches from Image Comics. “The hit team behind THE FEW and THUMBS returns with an all-new WILD AS HELL miniseries! Writer SEAN LEWIS (KING SPAWN), artist HAYDEN SHERMAN (Wasted Space), and rock-star letterer HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU introduce a world where Deadwood-style Westerns collide with the fantasia of NEIL GAIMAN in the story of Dirt, a man seeking vengeance for his murdered wife with nothing but a talking vulture to prod him on. ABOVE SNAKES is a fast and furious explosion of Western tropes and American vengeance that explores where our rage can take us.” With 1:10 and 1:25 tiered covers, it is returnable for FOC.
  • Impact Winter is a one-shot from Image Comics by Travis Beacham, Stephen Green and Matt Hollingsworth. “It’s been one year since a comet hit Earth and blotted out the sun. Now, the world is a dark, cold landscape ruled by vampires. In the British countryside, a band of survivors has formed a resistance in the fallout shelter of a medieval castle. Among them is Darcy, a young, headstrong fighter waiting for the chance to prove she can be on the front lines. But when that opportunity comes, Darcy will come face to face with the true horrors of this new world. From creator TRAVIS BEACHAM (Pacific Rim) and artist STEPHEN GREEN (Hellboy and the BPRD) comes the prequel to the hit Audible Original.”

Thank FOC It's 18th June 2022

  • Marvel Comics launches AXE Judgment Day by Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti. “IN THE LAND OF THE RIGHTEOUS… The X-Men claim they’re the planets’ new gods. The Eternals know that position is already filled. The Avengers are about to realize exactly how many secrets their so-called friends have kept from them. Years of tension lead to a volcanic eruption as two worlds burn. Who has leaked the X-Men’s secrets to their latest foes? Why is Tony Stark abducting an old friend? And who stands in judgment over the whole world? Judgment Day from Kieron Gillen and Valerio Schiti is the apocalyptic emotional event to define the summer.” With 1:50 and 1:100 tiered covers.
  • Defenders Beyond #1 by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez brings back the Beyonder. “Al Ewing and Javier Rodríguez follow up their acclaimed DEFENDERS: THERE ARE NO RULES series with a new volume and an all-new lineup, including none other than Loki, God of Stories! When Doctor Strange sends a dire warning from beyond the grave, Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Taaia (Galactus’ mom!), Tigra and Loki assemble to defend reality itself! Plus, you won’t believe who shows up on the final page!” The Beyonder? With 1:25 tiered cover.

Thank FOC It's 18th June 2022

  • Shang-Chi And The Ten Rings #1 resolicited and relaunched as a new #1 from existing team Gene Luen Yang and Marcus To. “A BOLD NEW ERA STARTS HERE!
    Shang-Chi has gained possession of the powerful Ten Rings. But so much concentrated energy has not gone unnoticed. Now, every bounty hunter, assassin and evil syndicate in the Marvel Universe is coming to take the Rings from him! But will the responsibility and the truth of the Rings be too much to bear for the Master of Kung Fu? Find out as the true origin of the Ten Rings starts here from Gene Luen Yang  (SHANG-CHI) and Marcus To (EXCALIBUR)!” With 1:25 and 1:100 tiered covers for FOC.

Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022

  • Star Wars #25 by Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli intends to reflect every era of the Star Wars saga. “With stories set from the Prequel to the Sequel eras, experience new tales of OBI-WAN & ANAKIN, DARTH VADER, POE DAMERON and KYLO REN. Join Charles Soule, along with his previous artistic collaborators, for this era-spanning celebration!” With 1:25 and 1:50 tiered covers for FOC.
  • Flavor Girls #1 by Loic Locatelli-Kournwsky launche from Boom Studios and should not be missed. “From Loïc Locatelli-Kournwsky, the singular voice behind Persephone, comes a new Magical Girl all-ages adventure with an environmental twist for fans of Sailor Moon, Save Yourself, and Power Rangers with colors by Eros de Santiago! Naoko, Camille, and V are the FLAVOR GIRLS, Sacred Fruit Guardians of Earth! They defend the earth-the source of their power-from the threat of ever-looming aliens, whose motives regarding the planet and its peoples are yet unknown… But Sara, a normal young woman and a U.N. applicant just doing her best to save the world, gets involved with the Flavor Girls in a way she never could have imagined.” Will be returnable for retailers

Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022

  • Two Gun Terror #1 launches from American Mythology by Konstantine Paradias & Jason Craig. “Skeletal outlaws!  Demonic coachmen!  Quick drawing masked monsters!  Step back in time with us to the haunted Old West where the monsters aren’t just the outlaws.  Three new terrifying tales of two-gun justice and creature carnage are on tap told in glorious stark black & white!  G.O. Parsons (writer of the Willy’s Wonderland Movie) and Jason Craig (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash) deliver a devil’s bargain that will leave you dying for more in “The Coachman”.  Strap on your spurs and load the silver bullets – these stories are going to leave scars!  Available with three covers – Main by Jason Craig, Demons by The Corpse Crew (Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser), and a special Dead Sheriff cover by Buz Hasson!”
  • Dynamite clashes Army Of The Dead and Reanimator again for Necronomicon Rising #1  by Erik Burnham and Eman Casallos. “When an archaeological dig unveils an important element from the world of the Army of Darkness, it ends up in the absolute worst hands of all: Dr. Herbert West’s. As West tinkers in God’s domain, our reluctant hero is once more drawn into the sphere of destiny as he faces a triple threat of danger! Writer Erik Burnham is joined by returning Dynamite artist Eman Casallos to bring you all the excitement and Deadite action! Joining Dynamite superstar cover artists Arthur “Zombie King” Suydam and Stuart (Kiss) Sayger is Tony (Stray Dogs) Fleecs and the Dynamite debut of Christopher (Hellboy) Mitten!” Lots of variant covers for FOC.
  • Dynamite are also issuing Oversized Omnibus Vo, 3 of The Boys as well as The Boys Scriptbook.
  • Locust Ballad Of Men #1 by Massimo Rosi and Alex Nieto launches from Scout Comcis. “Are you ready to return to the world of locusts? Max’s journey, revealed in a series of flashes between past and present, brings us closer and closer to Ford’s lair. However, proximity to Ford is the very antithesis of safety as the fanatical cult leader now seems increasingly ready to devastate everything in the name of his insane religious vision.”

Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022

  • Scout also launches She Bites #1 by Hedwig Hale and Alberto Hernandez R. “Elsie Baker is a 134-year-old vampire in the body of a 9-year-old girl. Sick and tired of stupid adults treating her like a lost little girl and not letting her buy cigarettes, Elsie decides to hire a babysitter to be her chaperone. Enter Brenda Zielinski, a suicidal teenager in search of some quick cash so she can buy a one-way ticket to Scotland to jump off a cliff. Despite the generous payday, it turns out that babysitting a vampire might be more trouble than it’s worth.” With 1:10 and 1:50 tiered covers.
  • Florida Man #1 by Mike Baron, Todd Mulrooney and Elias Marins from American Mythology. “Laugh-out loud funny and unapologetically offensive, but with a heart of gold, this is the comic book personification of all those wild and weird “Florida Man” news stories we’ve all been shocked by – and laughed at for years. Eisner award winning writer Mike Baron (Punisher, The Flash, Nexus, Star Wars) brings to life the tall tales of the most hilarious and notorious Florida native ever to be Google searched more than Kim Kardashian… Florida Man!  Based on Baron’s series of critically acclaimed Florida Man novels, this outrageous comic dives into the heart of many of those bizarre stories we’ve all seen in news headlines and funny internet memes with a heart-warming story that’s squarely aimed at grown-ups who still love comics. Mike Baron is bringing back “funny books” with this serialized comic series reprinting his crowd funded graphic novel with a few new twists. Now the quintessential “Florida Man” is finally defined in all his outrageous glory straight from the heart of one of the most magical and bizarre states in America. Follow Gary and his girlfriend Krystal as they go from rags to riches, and to riches to rags again, and laugh at the ongoing adventures of a pair of loveable losers landing in and out of jail, but always moving on to their next big scheme.”

Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022

  • Brother Of All Men #1 by Zac Thompson and Eoin Marron launches from AfterShock Comics. “It is 1928. Veteran of the Great War and part-time private eye Guy Horn travels to a remote community in Western Canada to retrieve his estranged brother from the clutches of a dangerous cult. As Guy struggles to gain control of his own personal demons, he’s tantalized by the cause and its charismatic leader, Brother XII. A tightly plotted horror-mystery based on a true story wherein writer Zac Thompson (I BREATHED A BODY, UNDONE BY BLOOD, Ka-Zar) joins forces with artist Eoin Marron (KILLER GROOVE) for a new miniseries that blends the unexpected twists of hard-boiled detective noir with the uncanny traditions of folk-horror.” Returnable if you order ten, with 1:15 variants.

Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022

  • Man Goat & Bunnyamn: Green Eggs & Blam #1 by Joe Brusha launches from Zenescope.”The world’s greatest monster fighting team is back! Man Goat and Bunnyman are ready to save the world again…if they don’t kill each other first. Don’t miss issue one if this three-part series filled with monsters, mutants and Bunnyman madness! 1:10 variant
  • Artist Elite Presents #1 by Ale Garza, Brett Booth, Tyler Kirkham launches from… Artist Elite, with Ale Garza’s SandWenches, Brett Booth’s Lost Serpent Prince and the continuation of Tyler Kirkham’s Final Boss. With a 1:25 variant
  • Deathrage #1 by Murphey, Aaron Sparrow and Emiliano Urdinola launches from Merc Comics, “Discover the secret origins of the Spartan World Order’s resident bad boy in his own series! The black sheep of the Mercs, Deathrage, has set social media buzzing with his antics at the Merc Gala (Miss Meow #1!) Now witness his heroic beginnings, his tragic betrayal, and his rise to superhero celebrity fame and fortune… and learn why the other Spartans hate him so much! The roller coaster begins here!” With  1:25 and 1:50 tiered covers

Thank FOC It's 18th June 2022 Thank FOC It's 18th June 2022 Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022 Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022 Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022 Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022 Green Eggs And Thank FOC It's The 18th of June, 2022



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