NESTLÉ announces intentions to expand production and product range at factory in the Philippines

The Philippine division of Nestlé S.A, a global food giant based in Switzerland, is considering expanding its P170-billion business in the country. This includes increasing the manufacturing capacity of its existing factories and introducing new products.

Kais Marzouki, the Chair and CEO of Nestlé Philippines, Inc., mentioned last week that while they currently have no plans to build more manufacturing plants, they will continue to expand the output of their existing facilities.

“More than 90 percent of our sales in the Philippines come from products made here, and at least two to three percent of our sales are reinvested in our Philippine factories,” Marzouki said during a press roundtable meeting.

The company currently operates five production plants in the Philippines, located in Laguna, Cagayan de Oro, Bulacan, and two in Batangas.

Nestlé S.A CEO Mark Schneider expressed the company’s strong commitment to the Philippine market, citing its continuous growth and performance.

“We are particularly interested in manufacturing and sourcing more products from the Philippines. For example, sourcing more coffee from the southern Philippines is a key initiative for us,” Schneider said.

“We have a thriving coffee market here, and we are collaborating with farmers to increase local coffee production, reducing the need for imports,” he added.

Furthermore, Schneider revealed plans to introduce more products in the Philippines, particularly in the dairy and nutrition segments catering to aging individuals.

“These are areas where we believe we can make significant contributions over time. We don’t have a universal product portfolio for all countries, but we target specific markets with the greatest potential,” said Schneider, who recently visited the country. INQ

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