10 Tips for Beginners Playing Final Fantasy XVI

Early Game Tips for Final Fantasy XVI: A Fresh Take on the Franchise

Final Fantasy XVI has finally arrived, and it’s safe to say that fans have eagerly awaited this new installment. Developed by Creative Business Unit III, the game offers a bold new direction for the franchise. While it may feel unfamiliar to long-time fans of the turn-based entries, Final Fantasy XVI provides plenty of mechanics to help ease players into the action-packed gameplay. Whether you’re an action game enthusiast or a complete newbie, here are ten tips to enhance your early game experience in Final Fantasy XVI.

1: Regularly Visit the Blacksmith

After completing the prologue, you’ll find yourself in your first hub area. Here, you’ll handle basic upkeep and explore fields and dungeons. Don’t forget to visit the blacksmith regularly. While the crafting system may not be complex, upgrading your equipment can provide stat boosts and help you defeat enemies faster. Keep an eye out for a circle marker next to the Blacksmith or Shop icons for new improvements.

2: Understand the Damage Types

Pay attention to the star ratings of your abilities in the skill tree. They indicate both raw damage and stagger potential. Use your moves strategically to maximize your damage output. Timing is crucial, especially in the early game when your abilities are limited. Avoid using stagger-focused moves on already staggered enemies and save your strongest HP damage abilities for when opponents are staggered for a 150% damage boost. Adapt your playstyle and choose abilities wisely.

3: Utilize Active Time Lore for Additional Background Details

The plot of Final Fantasy XVI can be dense, but don’t worry. During cutscenes, you can access the Active Time Lore menu by holding the touchpad button. This feature provides small lore blurbs that enhance your understanding of the story. It’s particularly useful in the beginning when new terms are introduced rapidly. Take advantage of Active Time Lore for a deeper immersion in the game’s world.

4: Take Advantage of Free Respeccing

As you progress through the skill tree, you’ll encounter cheap upgrades and expensive abilities. Don’t hold back on spending ability points. Respeccing is both fast and free in Final Fantasy XVI. Whenever you’re out of combat, you can reallocate your ability points without any restrictions. Feel free to experiment and try different playstyles. Invest in other skills while saving for expensive abilities and easily switch your allocation later.

5: Learn Attack Patterns with Ranged Attacks

Boss battles can be intense and overwhelming, making it essential to learn enemy attack patterns. Maintain a small distance and use ranged attacks, such as magic, to observe their moves and timing. Understanding their actions will enable you to exploit openings and land precise counterattacks. Don’t underestimate the power of magic, as it can be a valuable tool in situations where you can’t engage in close combat.

6: Pay Attention to Grey Health

When your character, Clive, takes damage, you’ll notice greyed-out sections on the health bar. This grey health doesn’t contribute to your overall pool but can be restored using specific abilities like Torgal’s Cure command or Flames of Rebirth. To heal beyond the grey health, use items or wait for a level-up, which fully restores your HP. Managing grey health effectively will help you stay in the fight longer.

7: Master Charged Attacks

As you unlock new skills, remember to utilize charged attacks for both melee and magic abilities. Charged attacks can break enemy shields and provide opportunities for powerful strikes. You can even charge attacks during recovery frames after a combo, allowing for seamless transitions and increased damage output. Explore the full range of options at your disposal.

8: Stock Up on Items for Difficult Moments

Unlike traditional RPGs, you can’t simply grind for unlimited healing items. Clive can only hold a limited number of each item, so it’s crucial to stock up wisely. Having sufficient potions and stat buff items, like Stoneskin Potions, can make a significant difference in tough battles. They serve as instant healing and provide temporary defensive or offensive enhancements. Always be prepared for emergencies.

9: Complete Sidequests as You Progress

While playing Final Fantasy XVI, keep in mind that there are points of no return. The game will prompt you to take care of any unfinished side quests before reaching these points. Clearing side quests not only fleshes out the world and provides rewards but also ensures you don’t miss any content. Although missing side quests won’t impact your save file, completing them adds depth to the overall RPG experience.

10: Embrace Exploration and Treasure Hunting

Final Fantasy XVI may not be an open-world game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy exploration. Like the classic titles in the series, the game features hidden treasure chests scattered throughout various areas. Take the time to search curious corners and hallways, as these locations often contain valuable loot. Embrace the RPG aspect of Final Fantasy XVI by thoroughly exploring each area.

By following these tips, you’ll enhance your early game experience in Final Fantasy XVI. Embrace the game’s new direction and enjoy the exciting mechanics it offers. Stay prepared, adapt your playstyle, and delve into the rich world of Final Fantasy XVI.

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