Bollywood Films Celebrate Progressive Fatherhood in a Special Father’s Day Feature

On Father’s Day, let’s take a moment to honor and celebrate the vital role that fathers play in our lives, as well as the evolving portrayal of fatherhood in Bollywood films. For decades, Bollywood has captivated audiences with its captivating stories, memorable characters, and beautiful music. However, in recent years, there has been a noteworthy shift in how fathers are depicted on the big screen.

Traditionally, Bollywood has depicted fathers as authoritative figures who adhere to societal norms and are confined to traditional gender roles. They were often portrayed as rule enforcers, providers for their families, and guardians of moral values, leaving little room for vulnerability or unconventional behavior. However, a new wave of progressive father figures has emerged, challenging these preconceived notions and redefining what it means to be a father in contemporary Indian society.

These progressive fathers embrace sensitivity, empathy, and open-mindedness, displaying qualities that defy conventional ideas of masculinity. They actively engage in their children’s lives, placing importance on nurturing and emotional connections rather than solely fulfilling financial obligations. These fathers serve as role models, promoting equality, respect, and progressive ideals by encouraging their children to pursue their dreams, supporting their endeavors, and standing by their side.

As we celebrate Father’s Day, let’s take a look at the top 10 progressive fathers in Bollywood movies.

1. Hidayat Khan – Raazi: In the movie Raazi, Rajit Kapoor portrays Hidayat Khan, the father of Sehmat. Hidayat defies stereotypes by empowering his daughter to become a spy, challenging gender norms. He breaks the mold of an overprotective father, providing emotional support and displaying vulnerability. As Sehmat’s mentor, Hidayat establishes a strong bond of trust, redefining masculinity.

2. Narottam Mishra – Bareilly Ki Barfi: Pankaj Tripathi portrays Narottam Mishra, a loving and unconventional father in Bareilly Ki Barfi. Narottam embraces Bitti’s unique qualities and unconventional choices, emphasizing the importance of open-mindedness. He instills confidence and individuality in his daughter, showcasing the empowering role that fathers can play in challenging societal norms.

3. Santosh Duggal – Do Dooni Chaar: Rishi Kapoor plays Santosh Duggal, a likable and loving middle-class father in the heartwarming movie Do Dooni Chaar. Santosh represents the struggles and aspirations of a middle-class family, working tirelessly as a teacher to provide for his family. He is a symbol of honesty, integrity, and perseverance, instilling these values in his children through his actions and teachings.

4. Pan Singh – M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story: Anupam Kher portrays Pan Singh, the father of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in the biographical film M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. Pan Singh personifies the loving father, encouraging Dhoni’s passion for cricket against all odds. He instills values of determination, perseverance, and tenacity, inspiring Dhoni to pursue his dreams despite financial constraints and societal expectations.

5. Anup Saxena – Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl: Pankaj Tripathi plays Anup Saxena, Gunjan’s father in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl. Anup defies social conventions by supporting Gunjan’s dream of becoming a pilot, despite resistance and skepticism. His character challenges gender norms and highlights the importance of empowerment and equality. Anup’s unwavering love and faith in his daughter motivate Gunjan to overcome challenges and succeed in her chosen career.

6. Champak Bansal – Angrezi Medium: In Angrezi Medium, Irrfan Khan portrays Champak Bansal, an extraordinary father who goes to great lengths for his daughter. Champak is a single father who sacrifices everything to ensure his daughter’s education abroad. His character defies expectations and challenges the status quo, showcasing the unconditional love and sacrifices that parents make for their children’s happiness.

7. Bhashkor Banerjee – Piku: Amitabh Bachchan brings Bhashkor Banerjee to life in the heartwarming film Piku. Bhashkor is an endearing father who deeply cares about his independent-minded daughter, Piku. Despite his eccentricities, such as his obsession with his bowel movements, Bhashkor’s overprotectiveness comes from a place of love. He provides heartfelt advice and guidance, encouraging Piku to live life on her own terms.

8. Mahavir Singh Phogat – Dangal: Aamir Khan portrays Mahavir Singh Phogat, a father who defies societal norms and molds his daughters into successful wrestlers in Dangal. Mahavir challenges gender stereotypes and believes that talent knows no gender. He instills discipline, resilience, and hard work in his daughters, pushing them to become fierce wrestlers. Mahavir’s unwavering faith in his daughters inspires their transformation and success.

9. Anirudh Pathak – Chhichhore: Sushant Singh Rajput plays Anirudh Pathak in Chhichhore, a symbol of resilience and the power of relationships. Anirudh serves as a guiding light for his son, teaching him the value of tenacity and the strength that lies in connections. His character highlights the importance of belonging and the impact that a father’s love and support can have on their child’s life.

By showcasing these progressive fathers on the big screen, Bollywood is contributing to a new narrative that promotes equality, compassion, and emotional connection in fatherhood. These characters redefine traditional gender roles and inspire real-life fathers to embrace a more nurturing and involved role in their children’s lives. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day by acknowledging and appreciating the evolving portrayal of fathers in Bollywood films, and by honoring the fathers in our own lives.



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