Career in Hotel Management: Top 6 Reasons to Pursue BHM

Hotel Management courses have become a popular choice among students not only in India but also abroad. This is because the career opportunities after hotel management are very limited in international as well as domestic markets. A career in the hotel management sector is very lucrative and exciting. It is a very creative and skilful field to pursue. Hotel Management with its globalization and development of new technologies has become one of the fastest-growing sectors that offer a lot of employment opportunities with high-paying salaries.

Hotel Management as a career can be immensely rewarding, with new development at all levels of employment. India provides a broad range of services and hospitality in all sectors from tourism, events, medical, corporates, and many more. Hotel Management teaches us the confidence and practical skills that are needed to grow further in life. It allows aspirants to get an opportunity to work in foreign countries.

Top Reason to Pursue BHM

There are many reasons for aspirants to pursue hotel management courses. Some of the reasons to pursue hotel management courses are discussed below:

  1. A lot of Employment Options: One of the top reasons to pursue BHM is that there is a variety of employment options available. Some of the top popular jobs that can be found in the hotel management sector are:
  • Eateries, Restaurants, and Catering
  • Conference and Event planning
  • Bars, clubs, and Pubs
  • Hotel Management and hotel staff
  • Travel Agencies and Tourism
  • Business and marketing
  • Tour operators and Tour guides
  • Passenger services
  • Customer service representatives
  • Coffee houses, Cafes, and Juice bars
  • Entertainment organizers
  1. Salary Potential: Traditionally salaries within the hospitality sector are less than in other sectors. However, there are certain roles in the hotel management sector that can prove financially profitable. For example- food and beverage managers, hotel managers, head chefs, etc. Apart from these, some of the top hotels offer very good salary packages to the aspirants who have completed their hotel management degrees from top BHM Colleges in India. Therefore, through hotel management one can be confident to get a lucrative career.
  2. Diversity: Opportunities within hotel management sectors are never-ending and to make the most of the aspirants need to be flexible. Aspirants can work for a chain or independent hotel, Manage specific departments or become general managers or can work in various locations such as coastal areas or big cities. The main point is to tackle the new challenges every day and make connections and meet people from all over the world. So, diversity is one of the important factors to pursue BHM as it has multiple benefits. Thus, in this sector, diversity rules.
  3. Creative Input: Hotel Management needs creative people in order to grow and develop. In order to succeed as a hotel manager aspirants on regular basis need to come up with and implement new ideas. It is hard to get new initiatives and ideas often but it plays an important part in the success of a hotel.
  4. Different challenging and fun experiences every day: Hotel Management brings problem-solving scenarios and new challenges every day. Goals, Varied and flexible hours, and on-the-job experiences greet aspirants any time during their shift. Hotel Management may be a good fit for students who like to experience different fun and challenges in their day-to-day life.
  5. Comfortable Atmosphere: The work atmosphere is very important in every workplace. Hence, in the hotel industry, people with lively, vibrant, and fun-loving people are found. Because these are the basic needs in this organization. Therefore, students will get the opportunity to work in a comfortable atmosphere by working with friendly colleagues, people, and customers. This will benefit students to work in a comfortable atmosphere.

Job Opportunities After Pursuing Hotel Management courses

Candidates after completing their BHM have a lot of job opportunities. Some of the job opportunities after completing BHM are discussed below:

Event Planners: Event Planners are those who planned events like house warmings, birthdays, weddings, birthdays, milestone celebrations, baby showers, engagement and relationships anniversaries, etc. To plan any event all is required is the honed skills of creativity, planning, hospitality, and management.

Defence Sectors: Aspirants after completing their graduation in Hostel Management can work in the Indian Defence Force. In the Defense sector, Hotel Management is needed to feed the guardians of the borders by following the diet charts. There are limited resources and they need to follow strict discipline.

Airline/ In-Flight Operations: For hospitality graduates, Airlines are another major recruiter. These jobs are not only restricted to the kitchens but have to provide the all-round services to its guest. Airlines give the benefit of being in the most organized sector of the economy and compared to other industries, they will get better pay.

Casinos and Cruising: Casinos and Cruising are the new emerging themes with the increasing trend of luxury leisure. If employees are working internationally then the salary is quite high. Moreover, travelling across the globe or nation is a plus.

Coworking Office Manager: The demand for hospitality managers and experts begins to increase at a big place with the emergence of remote sharped spaces and working culture. This field is open to those who have desired set of skills. Aspirants working as a Coworking Office managers can earn a good income if they give their right efforts with the realistic goals in the right direction.

Fast Food Chains: All around the world, fast Food chains are one of the most successful chains. They have a lot of network of restaurants and outlets even in many small villages and towns and villages. So, they have the required trained professionals who can manage these outlets. Therefore, hotel management graduates are hired to look for management and executive roles in these companies.

Scope After Pursuing Hotel Management Courses

After completing BHM, a lot of scopes and job opportunities are there for graduates. Aspirants pursuing a career in hotel management will have tremendous scope in both small and large-scale industries. Hotel Management in India can function in both the private and government sectors. They can work in hotels and Restaurants, Airline Catering and Cabin Services, Hospital Administration and Catering, Guest Houses, Forest Lodges, Cruise Ship Hotel Management, Hotel, and Catering Institutes, Hotel, and Tourism Associations, Catering Departments- Like shipping companies, Armed Forces, banks, and railways.

Salary Structure After Pursuing Hotel Management Course

In India, the salary package after the Hotel Management course starts from 1.5 lakhs per annum to 20 lakhs per annum. Below given the salary package of the most popular job opportunities after Hotel Management courses are:

Job Positions Salary Package (Per Year)
Event Manager 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs
General Manager 7 lakhs to 14 lakhs
Food and Beverage Manager 3.60 lakhs to 6.75 lakhs
Chef 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs
Catering Manager 3.50 lakhs to 8 lakhs
Executive Chef 5 lakhs to 20 lakhs

Hotel Management professionals are in high demand as the growth of the hotel industry is increasing day by day. The scope of pursuing hotel management courses has become more beneficial for the aspirants than before. Hotel Management as a career is like climbing a ladder of growth and success. Many students are very much attracted to the hotel management courses because of the luxury and glamour surrounding the job. A student can go for hotel management courses if they are very much passionate about entering the hospitality sector. Thus, the hotel management courses have become one of the top choices for aspirants in today’s world.


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