Compatibility of Matter with All Devices (June 2023)

As we approach the midpoint of 2023, the development of the new Matter smart home standard is steadily progressing. With its launch more than six months ago, Matter has achieved a significant milestone by offering a variety of devices that are available for purchase. Additionally, major platforms have rolled out support for Matter, although Amazon’s support remains limited to a few device types.

However, there have been some disappointments. Since its launch, Matter has not introduced any new device types, resulting in a limited range of options such as plugs, lights, and shades. Nevertheless, there has been progress in integrating smart locks with Matter. The promised cross-ecosystem support, which is a crucial aspect of Matter, is still not fully reliable. But, as industry insiders have repeatedly emphasized, transforming the infrastructure of the smart home is a gradual process rather than a quick fix.

We are keeping track of all the devices that are compatible with Matter, so continue reading if you are eager to embrace this new universal language for smart home devices. In case you’re unclear about what Matter actually is, here’s a brief summary: Matter is a new standard developed collaboratively by major players in the smart home industry, including Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, and others. Its objective is to simplify the smart home experience by making it easier to purchase, set up, and use smart products.

Matter facilitates seamless connectivity between various devices across platforms and ecosystems. This means that you no longer need to check for compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, or Google Home when buying a smart device. With Matter, you can control your smart lighting, locks, and more simultaneously using any Matter-compatible platform on iOS or Android devices or through your preferred voice assistant. For more details on how Matter works with each smart home platform, what you need to get started, and a comprehensive explanation of Matter itself, refer to my article “What Matters about Matter.”

In this article, you will also find a comprehensive list of Matter-compatible products categorized based on availability – whether you can purchase them now or if they are forthcoming. We will regularly update this list as new information becomes available.

Device Categories Supported by Matter
The Matter standard establishes a common language and a set of actions for smart home devices. Currently, it supports only a few categories of devices, and the availability of specific features within each category may vary based on the platform or app you are using. As of June 15th, 2023, Matter supports the following device categories: light bulbs and light switches, plugs and outlets, locks, thermostats and other HVAC controllers, blinds and shades, sensors (motion, contact), media devices, wireless access points, and bridges (more details on bridges will be provided later in the article).

Although the first update for Matter was expected to introduce additional device types such as home appliances (e.g., fridges and washing machines) and robot vacuums, Matter 1.1, released in May, did not include any new device types. The Connectivity Standards Alliance, which oversees the Matter standard, has mentioned that the following device types are part of their roadmap, but they have not provided specific timelines: home security cameras, robot vacuums, home appliances, home router and access points, garage door controller sensors, indoor air quality monitors and air purifiers, smoke and CO detectors, energy management features, water management features, EV charging capabilities, ambient motion and presence sensing, and televisions and streaming video players.

Matter Controllers, Thread Border Routers, Bridges, and Wi-Fi Routers
A Matter controller serves as the central hub for onboarding, controlling, managing communications and automations, and enabling remote access (if enabled) of Matter devices in your home network. For a device to serve as a Matter controller, it needs to be always powered, always present in your home, and connected to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. A smartphone cannot function as a Matter controller.

You will need a separate Matter controller for each smart home platform you wish to use. For example, an Apple HomePod or Apple TV will serve as a Matter controller for Apple Home, while a Google Nest Hub will serve the same purpose for Google Home. All major smart home platforms have updated their existing hubs and smart speakers to incorporate Matter controllers. In some cases, these controllers also function as Thread border routers, which are necessary if you plan on adding Thread devices to your home. Thread, along with Wi-Fi, is one of the primary wireless protocols that Matter uses. Currently, Amazon’s Matter controllers only support plugs, switches, and sensors, but they are planning to add support for thermostats and locks soon, with more device categories to follow in the coming months.

Below is a list of Matter controllers with Thread border routers currently available, upcoming Matter controllers with Thread border routers expected to arrive in 2023, and Matter controllers without Thread:

Matter Controllers with Thread Border Routers:
– Apple HomePod
– Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi (2022 version)
– Amazon Echo smart speakers (third-gen and newer)
– Google Nest Hub (first-gen)

Upcoming Matter Controllers with Thread Border Routers (2023):
– New Samsung TVs, monitors, and smart fridges

Matter Controllers without Thread:
– Apple HomePod (first-gen)
– Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi (2022 version)
– Amazon Echo smart speakers (third-gen and newer)
– Google Nest Hub (first-gen)

New Matter Controllers coming in 2023:
– Matter-enabled smart home apps

To add Matter devices to your smart home ecosystem, you need to use the corresponding smartphone or tablet app for that platform. These apps, referred to as Matter commissioners, connect the Matter device to a Matter controller. The following smart home apps serve as Matter commissioners and enable you to add and control devices, create automations and routines, and utilize Matter’s capabilities. Matter is also integrated into the latest versions of Android and Apple’s operating systems, allowing apps to access the necessary local infrastructure for Matter to function.

Matter-compatible Smart Home Apps:
– Apple Home app (on iOS 16.1 or newer devices)
– Samsung SmartThings app (available on Android and iOS)
– Google Home app (available on Android and iOS)
– Amazon Alexa app (available on Android and iOS)
– Home Assistant

Additionally, the following apps are compatible with Matter and support smart home devices:
– Eve app (iOS, coming to Android in spring 2023)
– Aqara app
– SwitchBot app
– TP-Link Tapo app
– Tuya Smart Life app*
– Wiser app*

*Tuya Smart Life is an IoT development platform service provider that supports numerous developers and offers schematics for over 1,100 smart home products. It has already obtained Matter certification for several light bulbs and smart plugs, as well as a Matter controller. Some popular brands that utilize Tuya’s services include Teckin, Gosund, Nooie, Lidl, and Iotty.

Matter Bridges
Matter bridges enable the integration of smart home devices that use a bridge, such as Philips Hue smart bulbs, into a Matter-compatible smart home platform. This allows you to control those connected devices through the Matter platform.

As of June 15th, 2023, only Apple Home fully supports Matter bridges. Google has stated that they are collaborating with their partners to add bridging support and have already achieved compatibility with Aqara’s M2 hub. Amazon and SmartThings have confirmed to The Verge that bridge support is not yet active on their controllers but assure users that they plan to enable it soon. Therefore, even if you have a bridge that has been updated to support Matter, you will not be able to use the connected devices within the Matter platform until the specific platform you are using adds support for bridges.

Here are the bridges that currently support Matter:

– Philips Hue Bridge (bridges all connected Hue lighting products except for Hue sync box and Tap Dial switch) – delayed update
– Aqara Hub M1S / M1S Gen 2 (OTA update 2023)
– Aqara Hub M3 (launching in 2023)
– Aqara Hub E1 (OTA update 2023)
– Aqara Camera Hub G3 (OTA update 2023)
– Aqara Camera Hub G2H Pro (OTA update 2023)
– Bosch Smart Home Controller (2023)
– Ikea Dirigera hub (OTA update 2023)
– TP-Link Homebase Tapo H900
– Schneider Electric Wiser Gateway (bridges over 200 existing Wiser Zigbee devices) – OTA update in 2023

Wi-Fi Routers Supporting Thread and Matter
If you own a Matter and Thread-enabled Wi-Fi router, you may not require an additional Matter controller in your home, provided that the router functions as a Matter controller for the platform you wish to use. Amazon, which owns Eero, has announced that it will introduce Matter support to its Eero 6 series devices in the near future. Google routers…



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