Complete SS Rank Walkthrough for Chapter 4: Mystery Labyrinth in Rain Code

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, the latest game from Kazutaka Kodaka and Too Kyo Games, is a challenging and mind-bending experience. In this game, similar to Danganronpa, collecting evidence is straightforward. However, the real challenge lies in the game’s signature Mystery Labyrinths.

The Mystery Labyrinths in Rain Code present you with a series of mini-games where you must present evidence and counter contradictions. If you make mistakes, your life bar will deplete, so precision is crucial. At the end of each labyrinth, you’ll be ranked based on your performance, with SS being the highest rank achievable. It’s no easy task to achieve a perfect score, but luckily, we’re here to guide you through Rain Code Chapter 4 – The Imperfect Insider. So let’s dive in and find the solutions to these perplexing labyrinths.

But before we proceed, we must warn you that this guide contains spoilers. So proceed with caution if you haven’t played the game yet.

Let’s start with the basics of the Mystery Labyrinths. Don’t worry about getting lost; these labyrinths are a series of Danganronpa-style mini-games that test your logic and problem-solving skills. You’ll encounter moments where you have to choose the right path or answer multiple-choice questions under a time limit. However, the real challenges come in the form of Reasoning Deathmatches, Shinigami Puzzles, and the final Deduction Denouement.

Reasoning Deathmatches are the main challenges in the Mystery Labyrinths. Your opponent will throw various statements at you, which you must dodge or counter by equipping the correct piece of evidence and slashing it with your sword. Defeating your opponent requires countering 1 or 2 statements correctly.

Shinigami Puzzles are simple mini-games where you must select rotating letters to spell out a key phrase. These puzzles test your quick thinking and observation skills.

In the God Shinigami Rush mini-game, you must help Shinigami navigate obstacles and break down the culprit’s defenses. You’ll also answer multiple-choice questions within a time limit.

The Deduction Denouement is the final part of the Mystery Labyrinth. Here, you’ll recreate the events of the case by placing key pieces of evidence in chronological order within a manga-style comic book.

Now that we understand the mechanics, let’s explore the solutions for Rain Code Chapter 4 – The Imperfect Insider:

Reasoning Death Match 1:
– Round 1: Load up the Shoe Print on Ama-Pal Solution Key and slash “There couldn’t be an intruder.”
– Round 2: Repel “You proved that yourself” (no Solution Key needed).
– Round 3: Load up the Air Lock Decontamination Device Solution Key and slash “There’s no place to hide in the critical lab.”

Quiz Time 1:
– “Was there an intruder?” Answer: Yes.

Eliminating Possibilities:
This section presents a branching path with three options. Choose each option and prove why it’s not the correct path to progress.
– Path 1: “Deactivated Security by cutting power” – Use the Security Power Supply Solution Key.
– Path 2: “Never Entered in the first place” – Use the Stab Wounds in Back Solution Key.
– Path 3: “Invited in by the doctor” – Use the Security Log Solution Key.
– Path 4: “Entered and killed via spectral projection” – Use the Ghost Form Traits Solution Key.

Shinigami Puzzle 1:

Quiz Time 2:
– “’Who are you?!’ was directed at who?” Answer: No one.

Reasoning Death Match 2:
– Load up The Doctor’s Email Records Solution Key and slash “The doctor was loyal to Amaterasu.”

Quiz Time 3:
– “How did the doctor plan to escape Kanai Ward?” Answer: Select the “Swapping Places” door and use The Doctor’s Notes Solution Key.

Quiz Time 4:
– “The culprit entered the lab before Ama-Pal.” Answer: Yes.

Spot Selection:
Highlight the first hallway on the diagram.

Quiz Time 5:
– “How did the culprit use Ama-Pal?” Answer: Neither.

Quiz Time 6:
Question 1 – “Where was the culprit before the crime?” Answer: On top of Ama-Pal’s head.
Question 2 – “How did the culprit use Ama-Pal?” Answer: As transportation.
Question 3 – “What caused Ama-Pal’s malfunction in the air lock?” Answer: Culprit jumped on it.
Question 4 – “Why didn’t the culprit appear on camera?” Answer: They were on top of the head.

Reasoning Death Match 3:
– Load up Ama-Pal’s Design Solution Key and slash “If Ama-Pal’s line of sight changed just a bit.”

Reasoning Death Match 4:
– Round 1: Repel “It wouldn’t be from behind” (no Solution Key needed).
– Round 2: Load up the Information on Doctor Huesca Solution Key and slash “He would’ve heard someone coming.”

Reasoning Death Match 5:
– Load up the Fubuki’s Forte Solution Key and slash “No living human can breach it.”

Reasoning Death Match 6:
– Load up the Toxic Gas Properties Solution Key and slash “You’d die before reaching Huesca.”

Reasoning Death Match 7:
– Round 1: Repel “The Hitman” (no Solution Key needed).
– Round 2: Select the Photo Solution Key (no dodging required).

Battle with Vivia:
Answer the questions correctly by pressing the Y button when the right answer appears.
Question 1 – “Why did Yakou send the death threat?” Answer: To make it seem like the doctor was in danger.
Question 2 – “Why was the death threat sent to the Peacekeepers?” Answer: To use the disguise ability.
Question 3 – “Who caused the blackout?” Answer: Fink the Slaughter Artist.

Deduction Denouement:
Place the images in the following order within the graphic novel:
1 – Amaterasu Corporation
2 – Peacekeepers
3 – Intercom
4 – Decontamination device
5 – Ama-Pal
6 – Fubuki’s Power
7 – Knife
8 – Fink the Slaughter Artist
9 – Yakou

Shinigami Puzzle 2:
Solve the second Shinigami puzzle.

Reasoning Death Match 8:
– Round 1: Repel “It’s solved” (no Solution Key needed).
– Round 2: Load up the Lab Map Solution Key and slash “There’s nothing connecting Yakou to Anonymous.”
– Round 3: Load up the Storage Key Solution Key and slash “Anyone can find it.”

Congratulations! You’ve completed Rain Code Chapter 4’s Mystery Labyrinth. This chapter is the longest and most intricate in the game, so take a moment to relax and catch your breath. Remember, Rain Code is available now on Nintendo Switch, and if you need assistance with other chapters, check out our other guides. Enjoy your journey as a master detective!

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