Global Affordability of Houses

Housing affordability is a bond between the total price for the house including other expenses and the income of the households. The world has noticed a significant price rise of houses which will never stop in the near time. The housing prices will continue to grow and for that reason, one should understand the market properly before they start investing in a new property.

Housing property is the primary choice for every investor. Investors always look for real estate when it comes to investing their money. Real estate is an evergreen industry for investors that we are all aware of.

Several agencies have conducted surveys to understand the housing market rise. They have noticed that the real estate market will not stop in the coming years and it will continue to grow and reach new heights across the globe. Yes, they took surveys from different countries across the globe and derived this data which clears the doubts of the investors.

The Global Cost of Property Mapped by Compare the Market describes the actual scenario of the real estate market. The surveys also describe the future scopes for new investors. If you are planning to invest in new property, then you can. However, you need to consider a few factors before you choose to invest in new property.

Factors to Consider While Investing in New Property

Most investors have one question in common, what should I consider before I invest my money in new property. To give a satisfactory answer to this question, here we have prepared a list of things that every investor should consider while investing in a new house or real estate property.

1. The Location of the Property

The price of your new property is depending upon the area or the location. If we compare the pricing of houses in urban and rural areas, then we can easily figure out this term.

The location of the new house is still the most important factor to consider while buying a new property. Before you search for the location, you need to prepare a checklist of things which you require from your new house.

If you are investing in a new house just for investment purposes, then you should not look for other factors such as amenities, etc. If you are going to live in the new property shortly, then you should invest in a new house accordingly.

2. Property Valuation

The valuation of the property is equally important as it is the primary figure which may lend you a loan or insurance. You can compare the value of your home with the nearby properties. This way you can figure out the current valuation and the valuation of the same property after five or ten years.

Since you are buying a new property for investment purposes, you need to research well about the valuation of the property and the future valuation of the same property. The future valuation is depending upon the area where you are buying the property.

If you are investing in a property in a developed area, then there will be no scope for increasing its value shortly. However, if you invest in a property in an under-developing area, then the chances of increasing its value will be high.

3. Profit Opportunities

Besides this, you should also look for profit opportunities after owning the property. If you have bought a new house, then you should look for other things which need extra investments such as furniture, appliances or for any other essential things.

Besides the extra expenses or cash flows, you need to check the profits associated with it. The profits of owning a particular property is depending upon the location again.

4. The Housing Market

When it comes to investing in the real estate market, there are many options available for you. You can invest in a new house, warehouse, clubhouse, office, or for any other reason. The market is open for all and you can invest in any type of property you want as per your preferences.

However, what you should consider here is exploring the current housing market. As per the recent survey, the housing market will grow rapidly in the coming years. So we can invest in a new house blindly. This way, you can check for other markets as well. This will give you a clear idea about in which property should you invest your money!

5. The Income Percentage

When it comes to buying a new house, an income factor plays a vital role. Depending on the % of your income, you can open the market idea and buy a suitable house for your investment or your residential needs.

If we compare the income % of households in the world, not more than 15% of households in the world have money to invest in new property. This means only 15% or less than that are open for investment in real estate.

Besides this, housing prices have been increased gradually over the past few years. Increased pricing of houses directly affects the income of the households. If the households have not seen any change in their income, their investment will be reduced ultimately.

House Pricing Breakdown in Different Countries

The global affordability of houses is depending upon the country where you live in. If you are planning to shift to a new country, then you must understand the housing market of that country if you are planning to buy a new property there.

If we talk about the current house price in Australia compared to Pakistan, then you will have to pay up to 10 times higher. Likewise, other countries such as France, the UK, the United States, Japan, etc. are willing to put a big hole in your pocket if you are planning to buy a new house there.

Major countries have different pricing for houses as this factor is depending upon the lifestyle of that country. If we compare the lifestyle of the UK people, then it would be better than those in Sri Lanka or any other under developing country.

Besides this, currency valuation also plays a vital role in deciding the final price for the property or the house. The other factor which can affect house pricing is the taxes imposed by the government.


The global housing market will never be stopped anytime soon and for that reason, investors should look for shares that are related to the real estate market. The housing market in almost all the countries will be growing rapidly without the downfall. Now is the right time to invest in the housing property or the real estate market.

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