How to choose the appropriate tires for your vehicle

Choosing the best tailored tires for your vehicle is of great essential for any journey you wish to embark on, yet it is also important to factor in the many qualities that any set of tires will provide your ride depending on the sort of terrain that you intend to pass over, making it pivotal to equip the best catered tires for your preferrable needs.

No matter what category of vehicle you drive on a regular basis, equipping your car with the appropriately balanced set of tires is a crucial factor when gearing up to head out on the open road.

It is of vital importance that your car is always fitted with the best recommended spec of tires and wider amenities before putting the vehicle to any use.

Whether it being a calming ride to work using a simple five-seater or taking the kids and family pets out on a long walk that escalates up a step road, there are plenty of spec details that need to be checked off before heading out.

Whatever the journey may be, factoring in other outlasting external variables such as terrain, weather and overall performance is vital when fitting your car with the correct gear.

These are some of the main ways to find out which tires maybe best suited for your vehicle:

  • Deciding on the preferable comfort handling:

First and foremost, it is important to note how the vehicle feels when you are driving with a new set of tires and if they improve the car’s overall handling when being used.

If you are looking to find out more information about some of the best tires to use for an improvement in your vehicle’s comfort handling, the full Yokohama Tires Buy Guide via the Tire Agent website, provides a plethora of background tips and product listings as to why these are the best tires to enhance your car’s performance on the road.

If the car does not meet your required level of comfort or handling while in use, it might be best to upgrade the tires to your preferred likening, which will also improve your level of morale and trust whilst driving.

  • Finding the preferrable tire size:

If your tires are in desperate need of being replaced, it is always vitally important to seek out the best sized wheels that are accustomed to your vehicle.

When deciding on the size of any new tires that are available for purchase there are a number of individual factors that need to be checked and measured before fitting, including the following:

  • Section Width.
  • Wall Thickness.
  • Type of Tire (radial or ply).
  • Rim Diameter.
  • Load Rating Index.
  • Speed Rating Index.

Any driver should take notes on these factors before searching for new tires online that can be appropriately fitted to the measurements that they have recorded, ensuring that there will be no underlining issues during the tire’s manufacturing process.

  • Main aspects to consider before fitting a tire:

One final note to make before completing any sort of transaction or fitting of a new tire is to note a few more major variables that most manufacturers will be quick to point out.

It is crucial to note all major codes (including Tire, DOT and UTQG) as well as other factors such as type of tire, effect on fuel economy, warranty and noise emitted.

A manufacturer’s placard information should also be noted as well as whether the model actually provides a major improvement over your current wheels that are in use.

Buying a second-hand tire is also a notable inclusion as these will be cheaper than newer models but it is important to note on how much of an upgrade they are likely to provide in the long-term.

These are just some of the many crucial factors to take into account for any vehicle owner who is in desperate need of replacing their current overused tires, with these such necessities being a vital part in improving the vehicle’s outlasting performance whilst in use and working in full fruition as expected.







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