Introducing Telegram’s Upcoming Feature: Stories – Learn More Here

Telegram is set to introduce a Stories feature, according to CEO Pavel Durov. Durov mentioned that over half of the feature requests received by the platform are related to Stories, leading the company to innovate and listen to its users.

“Initially, we were reluctant to add Stories since they are already present on other platforms. However, Telegram believes in listening to its users and improving existing formats,” Durov stated.

Durov also provided details about the upcoming Stories feature on Telegram. Users will have precise control over who can see their stories, with options such as Everyone, only contacts with exceptions, a selected few contacts, or a list of Close Friends.

Telegram Stories will be conveniently placed at the top of the chat list, allowing easy access without sacrificing valuable space. Users will also have the ability to hide Stories from specific contacts by moving them to the ‘Hidden’ list in the Contacts section.

Telegram users will be able to enhance their Stories with photo and video editing tools. They can add captions to provide additional context or links, as well as tag other users.

The messaging platform will introduce the option to simultaneously capture photos and videos using the front and rear cameras.

Telegram Stories will have customizable lifespans, allowing users to choose expiration times of 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. Alternatively, stories can be permanently displayed on the user’s profile page, with individual privacy settings for each story.

“Saving stories to the profile page will enhance the informativeness and vibrancy of Telegram profiles. Users will have access to more content from their closest contacts and discover information about users in groups or channel comments,” said Durov.

Stories are currently in their final testing phase and are expected to be available in early July.