Maximising the potential of a rental property

Ask any well-seasoned landlord and they’ll tell you, finding good tenants isn’t always easy. Competition can be tough in the rental property market, so the best way to stand out is to make sure you have a modern, attractive home that potential tenants won’t be able to say no to.

Everything from the amount of storage space to the bathroom fixtures can have an impact on your potential tenants’ decisions. Taking time to consider what your target market wants from a rental home will make it easier to provide a property that delivers and attract good tenants.

Here, we explore a few things you can do to maximise the potential of your rental property.

Offer good quality furniture

There’s no point in offering a stylish rental home and filling it with old, unattractive furniture. Ensuring the bedroom, living room and dining room furniture you provide is comfortable, functional and in great condition will make it much easier to attract potential tenants. Mattresses are especially important to most people, so make sure they are in excellent condition prior to any viewings.

Provide storage space

It’s crucial to provide ample storage space in your rental property. No one wants to live in a messy, disorganised home and having cupboards, drawers and other storage solutions around the property will help to keep it neat and tidy. Bedroom storage is particularly important, so ensure you provide fitted wardrobes and under-the-bed storage.

Upgrade the bathroom and kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are the two areas of a house which show the most obvious signs of aging. Potential tenants are much more likely to choose a home which has a new bathroom and kitchen with modern fixtures. No one wants to deal with leaky taps or see unsightly mould on the shower seal, so putting in a little effort now will increase your chances of attracting tenants.

Improve the energy efficiency

Sustainable living is growing increasingly popular, particularly with the threat of climate change looming. Consider what you could do to make your property more energy efficient. For example, installing solar panels, insulation, or draught-proofing.

The rise in energy prices is likely to affect many people renting homes in the UK, so ensuring your property is as efficient as possible will make it much more appealing to potential tenants.

Enhance the outdoor space

If your property has a garden or another form of outdoor space, ensuring it looks put together will go a long way to attracting potential tenants. Consider planting flowers to add a touch of colour and make your garden look more appealing, along with adding some outdoor furniture such as a table and chairs.

If you do choose to grow flowers or plants, be sure to take care of them throughout the tenancy to ensure the garden looks good year-round.

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