Revealing The Different Video Game Art Styles

Attracting plenty of attention from potential video game players is important for your business to stand out. That said, it is necessary to know the different video game art styles. Why so? Because it is only through this route that you can hit high-level competitiveness as a video game company. The implication is that you need to create engaging and amazing video games. Of course, you should not forget that 2D and 3D styles should be taken into consideration. These are the two general styles that you have to apply in your video game art.

This article will lay down the facts about the art styles in video games. You will most probably hire an outsourcing company to help you create engaging video games, right? But at least you know the video game art styles. By doing this, you are one step away from achieving the full potential of your video game business. You can definitely make your video game business more profitable. It is possible because you have the best game design style to offer to potential players. So, this blog post can definitely help you in one way or another.

Different Video Game Art Styles

Explained below are the different styles in video games. Pay attention to each style presented below for you to be able to know the best strategy towards the attainment of great success.

1. 2D pixel art style

This style or technique is quite easy to comprehend. Did you know that this technique is the most popular among the different video game art styles? Yes, this claim is true. The 2D pixel art style is achieved by representing a square or basic shape. Such a shape or square should be the main building block of the character, object, or setting. Pixelating the image is the main key here. There are lots of games today that use this particular two-dimensional art style. Among the most popular 2D games that use this approach is Pokemon, one of the most successful video game businesses in the world for years now. This technique has been incredible for most video game businesses in the world today.

2. Cel shading art style

Another highly known video game art style is the cel shading art technique. This style might be relatively new, but its impact on the video game business or industry has been tremendous for quite a while now. There are a number of concrete examples of art games that use this particular approach. It is characterized by creating 3D models and objects that appear paper-like or flat (2D). Consider looking at a mug of coffee.You can definitely see an image that is 3D in nature at one particular angle. In other words, the details of characters and objects are maintained at a definite volume. The success of Borderlands has been attributed to the greatness of Cel Shading.

3. Vector art style

This is one of the most popular video game art techniques in the world today. Using the vector art style can definitely bring your brand to great success. How? Through special-purpose programs, the developer of a particular video game can create a video game that is digitally engaging. A digital game can become as great as possible through this particular art style. Hence, it has been applied and practiced by a number of video game designers and developers in the world today. It does not split the game images, however. Instead, it uses math-based algorithms. The data in this style is stored in dots, colors, polygons, and lines. This is how the video art games that use this art style are created. The sorting of this art technique can be done through individual styles with the purpose of a high-resolution and high-quality video game.

4. Monochromatic art style

You should know that there is no exact definition of the monochromatic video game art style. But at least in this blog post, you will know how the games are characterized by this particular technique. One of the clearest characteristics of a video game that uses monochromatic techniques is the use of a very limited color palette. The color theme of the video game actually has 1 or 2 colors. How to further distinguish a video game that relies on this particular style? Simply put, there has to be a wide range of tints and shades in the colors to be used. By doing this, the video game style is characterized as monochromatic. Again, this is about using multiple colors, but at least two colors at a time. Then, the image used in every game has distinguishable tints and shades.

5. Cutout art style

This is the last technique to be explained here that is part of the whole chain of video game art styles. The cutout art technique is popular in animated graphics and video games. It is usually characterized by following a particular image on a piece of paper. Such cut images are then transported into a new medium. From the term “cutout,” the bottom line is that you are going to cut a particular image and place it on a new medium, may it be digital or physical. This is how you will use this particular video game art style. There are lots of video games that use this technique, such as Paper Mario, Don’t Starve, and Sonic 4. The cutout art style is one of the most widely relied-upon techniques for video game creation these days.



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