Sonic Superstars: A Nostalgic Journey with Exciting New Features

Experience the Thrill of Running Left to Right

There is a unique and exhilarating feeling that comes with playing a well-designed 2D Sonic game. The sensation of zipping through levels at an incredible speed, with the scrolling screen struggling to keep up with the lightning-fast movements of the iconic blue blur, is a nostalgic memory for those who grew up with the Sega Genesis. And that same feeling rushed back to me when I had the opportunity to play the latest entry in the Sonic franchise, Sonic Superstars.

Sonic Superstars is, in a nutshell, a classic Sonic game that seamlessly blends 3D models with 2D design. While it retains the familiar foundation of running from left to right across the screen to reach the goal, the game introduces exciting twists to keep players engaged. One can’t help but appreciate the clever variations that Sonic Superstars brings to the table, making it a potentially popular choice among co-op players.

A Party Filled with Adventure

In the demo I played as part of the Summer Game Fest 2023 event, I had the option to choose between two different levels and four unique characters. The first level followed a classic setup, featuring plenty of ramps and ledges for Sonic, my chosen hero, to spin-ball over. It’s only fitting to start a Sonic game demo with the basics, right?

Aside from Sonic, players can also select Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. This character selection instantly reminded me of one of my personal favorites, Sonic Advance. It became apparent that each character offers a distinct gameplay experience. Sonic, known for speed, can blitz through areas, while Tails takes a higher route and gracefully floats along. Knuckles, on the other hand, effortlessly overcomes cliffside jumping puzzles, and Amy, armed with her hammer, brings a unique combat element to the game.

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The impact of character choice becomes even more pronounced as the levels progress and introduce intricate mechanics. Multiple progression paths are available at any given time, allowing players to navigate through various obstacles in their own unique way. The game even allows jumping between foreground and background courses, creating a captivating 3D effect within the side-scrolling gameplay. From swinging on vines across chasms to navigating through dense jungle biomes, Sonic Superstars offers a diverse and immersive experience.

Sonic Superstars may not reinvent the Sonic formula drastically, akin to Sonic Frontiers for example. However, that’s not necessarily the game’s goal. Superstars aims to deliver a pick-up-and-play Sonic adventure with co-op appeal. And yes, the game can be enjoyed in co-op mode. While I didn’t have the opportunity to test this feature myself, it undoubtedly presents an excellent way to gather a group of friends, similar to the multiplayer experience offered by the New Super Mario Bros. franchise.

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Unleash the Power

Sonic and his companions possess incredible abilities granted by the Chaos Emeralds. By discovering special locations within each level, players can access a 3D space where their characters swing between grab points to capture a Chaos Emerald.

Once obtained, these Chaos Emeralds unlock unique powers. During my demo, I had access to two abilities: one allowed me to transform into water and scale waterfalls, while the other called upon a swarm of clones to attack enemies on the screen. Though the powers had limited uses, they added an intriguing dimension to the gameplay. I’m genuinely curious to see how these powers enhance replayability and player expression, as even a slight alteration in tackling an area using these abilities can provide a fresh and captivating experience.


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The battles against Robotnik (also known as Eggman) were engaging and offered the perfect balance between puzzle-solving and platforming skills. The second battle, set in a jungle area, presented a challenging puzzle that required careful strategizing to overcome effectively.

It’s challenging to provide an in-depth analysis of a game that remains true to the classic Sonic experience. Sonic Superstars is not here to revolutionize the Sonic franchise. However, while playing, I couldn’t help but marvel at how satisfying a 2D Sonic game can be. I thoroughly enjoyed my time playing through it, and even had friends eagerly requesting turns to play. This aspect further solidified my belief that Superstars has the potential to be an incredibly enjoyable co-op game, capturing the same excitement and shared experience that a good Sonic game offers when played together on the couch.

Sonic Superstars is set to be released in the fall of 2023.

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