Tips to Save Money During the 2021 December Holidays

Many things change in the Christmas Holidays. During the yuletide season, prices of commodities hike. People purchase gifts for their friends and loved ones, and some even go into debt because of it. A report by the World Economic Forum shows that one-fifth of people go into debt trying to purchase gifts for their loved ones).

In the pressure of the festival season, people tend to make terrible financial choices that leave them hanging when the new year comes around. You need to save money during the December Holiday Season and prepare for a coming year (which usually comes with several bills to pay).

Effective tips to save money during the 2021 December Holiday Season

  1. Make a list of all the bills you must pay in January 2022.

Nothing can make you frugal with your money during the holiday season, like the nagging reminders of bills that wouldn’t wait for you to get prepared for them in January.

Before the Christmas Holidays finally arrive, remind yourself of all the bills you can’t shy away from in 2022. Write and paste them where you can see them every day.

When you’re going to order those pairs of shoes (the ones that you don’t need) from Amazon, take a look at the list of bills that are going nowhere and tell yourself that these things are more important.

  1. Going shopping? Make a list

If you plan to save some money during the Christmas season, make a habit of using lists whenever you go shopping.

Most malls and department stores stock up on Christmas presents once the holiday season starts coming close. When you walk into any of these stores at this time, the bright colors call for your attention, and the pretty dresses displayed on mannequins tempt you to pull out your cards and go on a shopping spree.

One of the first things a list does is that it keeps you accountable when you shop and prevents you from impulse buying.

  1. There’s that one friend. Avoid them.

Everyone has that one friend (or family member) that lives for shopping and encourages everyone to indulge in the same practices during the Christmas season.

If you want to avoid being neck-deep in debt by January 2022, find that friend/family member, and stay miles away from them this season.

Again, even when you aren’t with them, resist the urge to go on shopping sprees.

  1. Shopping for gifts? Start that now

As the holidays draw closer, the prices of commodities (including your favorite gift items) tend to increase. So isn’t it only logical that you shop for gifts before the Holiday Season is upon us? It will save you a lot of money.

  1. Keep yourself accountable with technology

Thankfully, the world is no longer in the dark ages when everything had to be done manually (where people had to collect money and exert sheer force to keep themselves from spending it all). Every day, there are new software applications to help you track and manage your spending. Some of these apps can also be automated to debit a specific sum of money at intervals that you can put aside in other accounts.

This way, you reduce the tendency to spend heavily, and you can also start saving for 2022.


The period after the December Holidays of 2021 mustn’t be riddled with pain, neck-deep debt, and discomfort. With some planning and discipline, you can save a significant amount of money.

Maximize the five tips discussed in this article to save some money during the holiday period, and if you ever need help to take charge of your financial situation, visit CreditNinja.




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