Up Your Brushing Game! With The Oclean X10 Electric Toothbrush.

Oclean combine years of innovation with a new Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Oclean, a world leader in innovative hygiene products, has released the brand new X10 smart sonic electric toothbrush which delivers upon the brand’s enduring commitment to developing quality, smart, and stylish oral care products.

Previous winners of the Red Dot Design Award, Good Design Award, iF Product Design Award, Oclean are a brand that prioritises development and celebrates innovation. Between 2016 and 2021 the brand was ranked number 1 in the number of patents filed by a company in the oral health category and today, product development is driven by a dedicated awareness of cutting edge research and user feedback.

Combining years of experience and an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, the new X10 is one of the most intuitive and effective brushes on the market, representing the brand’s smartest toothbrush to date.

“With an ever deepening understanding of our customers, and a near constant desire to push the boundaries of our work (and the broader industry as a whole), the X10 represents a culmination of Oclean’s story so far,” said by Oclean prodcut designer Howe.

“As an oral health brand we want everyone to enjoy healthier habits and happier teeth, and from the very first to the very final steps of our development process for the X10, the user has been at the very centre. The finished product aims to promote positive oral health and help tackle possibly harmful habits from taking hold.”

Consumer research by The Oral Health Epidemiology centre has shown that one of the most harmful brushing habits, and one of the major reasons for plaque build-up and tooth decay at the moment, is uneven brushing. Over time, this gradually leads to areas of the mouth that are neglected, leading to nasty complications such as gum disease and tooth loss further down the line.

To counteract this, Oclean has introduced an innovative new AI-powered method of tracking brushing. The new X10 features a touch-screen that maps your technique and offers a self-generated brushing plan based on your performance. The plan reports on the quality of your technique, if you’re brushing too hard and where you might have missed, and demonstrates interactive emoji feedback based on your score. In response you are given an infographic explaining these details and a supplementary reminder to brush for an extra 10 seconds for each missing area, helping users target those tricky areas and in time develop healthier habits.

In order to ensure users receive the most powerful and effective brushing experience, the X10 comes with a maglev motor up to 80,000 movements/min capable of delivering strong cleaning power and efficiency. The 2-minute smart timer and 30 second reminder also safeguards the teeth and gums from over brushing, whilst the 5 high-performance modes provide delicate cleaning solutions to tackle various dental problems; from sensitivity to plaque.

With a 60 Days long standby and a 3.5h charging time, IPX7 whole body waterproofing and WhisperClean 2.0 tech – which gives an ultra-quiet brushing experience – the X10 gives users everything they need to make sure they can shower, brush and off you go!

It is currently available to purchase online for $99.99 and more information can be found at:


Code: WOHD320, You will get $5 off.

Included in the Box:

1 x Toothbrush & Brush Head 1 x User Manual
1 x Wall Holder
1 x USB Cable

Main features:

● Smart display, visualisation of tooth brushing results ● Supplementary brushing reminder
● 80,000 movements/min motor cleaning power
● 60-day long battery life

● Noise<45dB, super quiet
● 5 brushing modes, easily adjust brushing mode

About Oclean:

Oclean was founded to provide people with thoughtful technology that helps them get the most out of their smile. Winners of the Asia Design Prize (2021), Red Dot and iF Design Awards (2021 and 2018), Good Design Award (2019) and IF Design Award (2021 and 2020), Oclean are an internationally awarded design company that employ innovative technology to forward oral health and improve people’s confidence and smile. With six electric toothbrushes and a range of oral hygiene products ranging from irrigators to dental accessories, Oclean is one of the world’s leading experts in the oral health industry and their innovative approach continues to garner universal acclaim.

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