Using Autoresponders In Your Texting Campaigns

So, you’ve decided to run a new marketing campaign. Perhaps you’ve started running ads on social media, disbursed information in your store, and put together an email list. All of these work well alongside established marketing methods. Adding text message marketing to your arsenal can take things another step to reaching a wider audience. Text messages make a fantastic addition to any marketing campaign due to their ease of use, fast movement, and high open rates. Using autoresponders with your text message marketing campaign can improve your customer service by helping to facilitate fast responses, streamline your campaign by saving you time not having to respond to each message individually, and help you set up a campaign that won’t annoy your clientele. Here’s how.

Autoresponders Defined

In layman’s terms, an SMS autoresponder is a text message thats automatically sent in response to an incoming text message. The most common use for an SMS autoresponder is to confirm receipt of a text message, but they can also be used to send automated messages such as appointment reminders or notifications. Auto responders are often included as part of larger text messaging programs where bulk texts are sent to different groups. In autoresponders responder is not itself a separate device, but instead a feature of a larger series of features. Using autoresponders can make it easier to communicate effectively over various campaigns.

How They Work

For the science and tech nerds out there, SMS autoresponders are a uniquely interesting piece of technology. They essentially automate text message responses. but what makes them incredibly interesting is the sheer amount of things they can accomplish. Want to share discoutns and promotions? Your autoresponder can do that. Looking to welcome new subscribers to the fold and give them a discount code? An autoresponder has you covered. Interested in sharing content, surveys, files, updates, and alerts? An autoresponder can make it happen. Essentially, autoresponders simplify and streamline nearly every manual aspect of running a text message marketing campaign. With such software, you can interact meaningfully with your customers while also being able to provide them with value and support across the board. Autoresponders use keywords to fetch an automated response, similar to the way a chatbot or “out of office” reply works. By using them to help you keep in touch with customers, you can broadly increase engagement and interaction to make them consistently satisfied.

How To Use Them

Using autoresponders in your text messaging campaigns is fairly simple. You simply need to sign up for a program that enables text message marketing and get your list together. Once you get your list together, you can set up filters and groups to which you’ll send messages. After that, it’s a matter of setting up the types of auto response messages you want to use. Applying integrated SMS autoresponders to your larger campaign communications is as simple as setting them up within the context of your text message marketing program. Set up your messages, to find the parameters by which they will be sent, and let the program do the rest.

Types of Messages

A core benefit of using autoresponders is the ability to create custom messages that will automatically be sent back to your customers. Use autoresponders for the following types of messages and more:

  • Welcome messages
  • Confirmation messages
  • Unsubscribe confirmations
  • Sweepstakes messages
  • Customer service messages
  • Thank you messages
  • Form responses
  • Follow up messages
  • Discount codes
  • Review reminders

The sky’s the limit when it comes to setting up auto response messages, making it a versatile tool for customer communication.

Creating Engagement

The biggest reason companies like to use text messages for marketing isn’t just because they can reach a large number of people efficiently. They’re also much more engaging, have higher open rates, and get the message across faster than most other types of marketing. Text messages are a great way to engage with your customers and keep them updated on your latest products and services, especially when they have burning questions about your products and/or services. Autoresponders can help you stay in touch with your customers and keep them informed about your business (latest offerings, bargains, product info, etc) without the need to have someone manually monitoring your messahes. By using text messages to reach out to your customers, you can stay top of mind and build loyalty among your customer base, eventually leading to vast marketing success.

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