Your Accounting Options: How to Choose Your Accounting Certification

The job outlook looks excellent for accounts!

There will be a growth of 7 percent in the employment of accountants between 2020 and 2030. Many of these job openings are coming for those ready to exit out of the field and retire. There are an estimated 135,000 accountant job openings each year so that that competition will be fierce.

One of the best ways to stand out among the crowd of accountants is to earn a certification. Discover the benefits of earning an accounting certification and the best courses to take below.

Is an Accounting Certification Worth It?

Yes, it is worth you receiving an accounting certification if you’re wondering. An accounting certificate provides you with preparation for entry-level careers within the field. Some of these entry-level professions are financial clerk, accounting clerk, and payroll clerk.

Furthermore, certificates can serve as a stepping stone to further education. Such as earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. It can help you increase your job options, advance your current career, and make a higher salary.

What Are the Benefits of Earning an Accounting Certificate?

A certification in accounting provides benefits beyond those outlined above. Below are more of the awards:

  • It provides flexibility in sone’s career
  • Employer support is available
  • Certification boosts professional development and independence
  • Increase your odds of gaining employment
  • Encourages your creditability within your field

If you want to advance in your career, consider pursuing a certificate. In today’s competitive job market, employers value these certificates. The accounting certifications state a candidate’s aptitude and ambition.

What Are Some of the Best Accounting Certificate Programs?

When choosing the proper certificate program, you must consider the accounting field you wish to enter. Below you’ll discover the best place to find accounting certification programs.

American Institute of CPAs

Consider joining this organization if you want to become a certified public accountant. The company aims to help holders develop the skills to remain relevant to employers.

By earning one of their certifications, you will gain some of the following skills:

  • Enhance your understanding of financial accounting
  • Become familiar with how a business is built from its different parts
  • Take a look at the future of finance outside the organization and show your ability to do so
  • Display the ability to manage performance, provide constructive challenge, and provide goal viewpoints

A certification in accounting from the organization offers some unique benefits. When reviewing your options on which certificate is for you, keep your career goals in mind. Here are three accounting certifications that you can earn.

Chartered Global Management Accountant

The AICPA and CIMA created the designation in 2012. Their goal was to recognize management accounts that met a high level of excellence. The requirements for earning the CGMA certifications include three steps. These three steps are education, exams, and experience.

The candidate who takes the program can learn and prepare for the exam at their own pace. Candidates experience real-life scenarios on their way to becoming a manager. As they share these scenarios, they learn how to become a strategic leader.

You can learn more about the Chartered Global Management Accountant program by visiting their website.

Chartered Financial Analyst

With the CFA designation, investment managers set standards for themselves. Program objectives include enhancing professionalism and market integrity among investment management professionals.

A CFA Charter holder is also highly favored by future employers. Accounting certification courses prove an employee’s expertise in the financial industry. Furthermore, it shows confidence in the ability to make sound financial decisions for the business.

You will need to broaden your skills when competing with other accountants. The accounting certification course is the perfect way to advance your career.  You can learn more about the Chartered Financial Analyst program by visiting their website here.

Financial Risk Management

In general, anyone can take the exam for a financial risk management course. You do not need any education to become one, but it comes with some downsides. So states such as Virginia have stringent regulations regarding financial managers. So, the exams may be more challenging for you to pass the exam.

Also, most employers expect future employees to have a bachelor’s degree. A B.S. degree or higher lets them know that employees have a solid grasp of risk management practices.

Take the time to think about your ultimate career path and career goals and pursue the certification to help you accomplish them. You never know in the end; you may decide to take a Certified FRM exam to help advance your accounting career.

What to Expect for an Accounting Certificate Salary?

According to Payscale, you can expect a salary of $57,000 a year. However, your actual wage will depend on your work experience and other factors. These factors include where you live, years of experience, and your education and skills level.

If you want to boost your accounting salary, it is best to do it by earning a certificate. Getting an accounting certification requires fewer studies than getting a college degree. Also, it takes less time to get it.

However, you might consider taking a certification course before enrolling in college. If you’re new to the accounting world and want to earn a bit before school, it can offer you the chance.

Is Earning an Accounting Certification Right for You?

Earning an accounting certification may seem like an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Nevertheless, as you can see, it does provide some benefits when you decide to take the step in receiving one. By earning your accounting certification, you can increase your chances of advancing your career and making more money.

Hopefully, you have decided whether obtaining accounting certifications is worth your time. If so, take some time to read some of our other business blog posts if you agree!


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