How to Bring Holiday Vibes Into Home With Plants and Flowers?

The holidays are such a wonderful time. It brings with it shopping, decorating, baking, and a fun time with family and friends! The worst part is that people miss that special feeling once the period passes. Did you know that you can now bring holiday vibes into your home long after the season has passed? Plants and flowers add a soothing glow to a room that can help get you into the holiday spirit. Not sure how to do that and where to look for holiday flowers? Here’s how to start decorating and get holiday vibes all year round!

Festive Tablescape for Your Meals

There are lots of ways to create a festive tablescape. You can use cranberries, acorns, pumpkins, and seasonal fruits. These items have unique characteristics that will help you create a holiday look.

You can also use other decorative elements like glittery tinsel garlands (draped from the ceiling) and candles in jars (set on each table). These small details add just enough whimsy, so your guests feel like they’re partaking in a fun holiday tradition, even if it’s still May.

Decorate Your Front Porch With Planters

It’s the season to be jolly! What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by decorating your front porch with planters that use seasonal flowers and other foliage to bring a holiday vibe to your home?

Spring brings stunning azaleas, summer brings gorgeous bellflowers, and fall is all about beautiful purple coneflowers. With these attractive plants, you can create an arboretum-like atmosphere on your front porch that will make everyone feel like they’re walking through a botanical garden.

There are many different ways you can decorate your front porch with planters. You can plant them on their own or pair them with traditional holiday decorations such as wreaths and garlands. You can also add some festive lighting or even a couple of candles! If you don’t have any Christmas lights around the house yet, consider buying inexpensive string lights so they can be used all year instead of just during the holidays. They’ll look great throughout winter and spring as well!

Build a Winter Terrarium in a Glass Bowl

A terrarium is filled with gravel, sand, and pebbles. You can use some succulents if you can find them. They’re perfect for adding color and texture. If you don’t have any succulents on hand, you could also add some decorative rocks.

You’ll also want to add some small plants like aloe vera or mini carnations to the terrarium. These plants will help keep moisture in the soil and give off a sweet scent when they bloom in the springtime.

Opt For Anthurium Plants

Anthurium plants are a perfect way to bring in the holiday spirit. These beautiful plants come in various colors and shapes. They can be used for indoor and outdoor decorating. They’re also known for their long-lasting beauty, so they’ll look good through the year.

Planting Pots Made With Natural Materials

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate the holiday season into your home, consider using natural materials like clay and wood to make planting pots. Not only will these potted plants add a unique design element to your space, but they’ll also help you feel more relaxed and comfortable this time of year.

Bring In Colorful Plants


Bringing in colorful plants is a great place to start if you’re looking for ways to add a holiday vibe to your house without breaking the bank. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing which plants will work best in your space:

  • Choose plants with leaves that can be used as ornaments (but don’t let them distract from the central theme of your decor).
  • Make sure the plant has a large enough root system to support itself. This will ensure that it stays healthy for a long.

Decorative Mugs as Planters

Planters are a great way to bring the holiday vibe into your home; however, not all are created equal. You want something that can hold up to the elements and something that will look good with your decorating style. That’s where decorative mugs come in! They’re sturdy enough to handle anything nature throws at them, and they add a splash of color to any space without taking away from the rest of your decor.

Consider Adding Lights and Ornaments to Your Plants

Plant lights can be used as accents for all plants – from succulents to cacti to hardy palms. It gives them a soft glow that’s perfect for any time of year. You can even use lights on indoor plants that aren’t customarily lit up, like ficus trees or philodendrons. We’ve got plenty of ideas for adding holiday light displays to your home:

1) The best way to start is with a small LED candle holder that hangs from the ceiling or is placed on a table near the seating area.

2) Another great idea is taking one of our gorgeous hanging flower baskets, gluing little birdhouse candles inside them (or even putting them in a pot), and hanging them up on hooks near the windows.

Adding a Christmas-Themed Skirt to Planters

A Christmas-themed skirt added to a planter can add a festive and cheerful touch to the area, making it look like you’ve put some thought into your decorating scheme. If you want to use the skirt around an indoor plant, you’ll need to clean it regularly, so it doesn’t become infested with bugs or mold. You can also place inexpensive plants around these skirts so your house will look festive all year!


Holiday plants and flowers can serve as a unique way to bring the humble beauty of nature into the home. They can add a festive look to your home and some life with their natural green color. If you want to try this approach, start with identifying some aesthetic style elements which will suit your home decor and get inspired by looking at various interior design magazines for ideas. You might also try giving your plants a festive touch to make them stand out from others.

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