How to Invest AUD to ETH and make your profit


Introduced in 2009, Bitcoin grew the fist untrustworthy digital currency. Because of its rarity and authenticity, it can grow a versatile non-sovereign property of state. With the flow of institutional choice in the second share of 2020, Bitcoin’s story as digital gold has increased. Eleven years later the release of Australian Dollar Token to Ethereum, institutional investors are permanently financing in it as this easy yet important story of worth preservation is starting to go mainstream. 

The only narrative about ETH has yet to form. The remainder of this essay will focus on exploring the various promising directions for ETH and will positively benefit investors realize what they are probably gambling on when investing in ETH. 

Popular (but unimportantly outdated) economic study of ETH

The modern variant of Ethereum is like a classified running operation with its own ETH token, which gives the price of computing. Miners who give computing devices are paid in the kind of block bonuses and event expenses. Historically, ETH block bonuses have been changed to explicitly target specific spending, giving ETH a much more proactive financial policy related to Bitcoin. 

A modern economic study of ETH is that the network must be observed as an economy and thus showed the whole cost of the network as GDP. We can therefore assume the network cost of Ethereum based on the cryptocurrency exchange platforms comparison PQ = MV, which states that value rates number (complete amount) should be similar to money amount times speed of money. 

A basic assumption is that, in the long term, the GDP of the Ethereum network is possible to be large enough, but not enormous, since it is restricted by the deflationary view of computational values and the reality that Ethereum must be very affordable for mainstream use. 

This reasoning is based on the point that:

1) ETH’s only purpose is as a method of pay; 

2) open-source state blockchains prevent them from preserving IP value; 

3) the value of changing the blockchain for applications is confined to zero. As a consequence, Ethereum will have a limited network impact and ETH should be considered as a property as users will not be ready to give more than the value of product. 

Why selling BTC to AUD is a profitable opportunity

Although the trading capacity of the BTC / AUD pair is more profound than that of BTC / USD, it is increasing regularly. The hyper-volatile variety of cryptocurrencies makes them a powerful option to established businesses. Tradesmen regularly have the possibility to benefit from bitcoin price fluctuations. By opening a large or small position, depending on the movement in the price of coins in the pair “Bitcoin against the Australian dollar”, you can consistently profit from the rate variety.

Over the 11 years of its existence, bitcoin has shown itself to be a profitable investment. The beginning of 2020 became optimistic for him and strengthened the position of the largest cryptocurrency. Experts predict an increase in the price of bitcoin in both the short and long term. 

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