Now it’s your turn, you must come to Pakistan, says visiting Pakistan Hockey Team Assistant Coach Muhammad Saqlain

Pakistan Hockey Team Assistant Coach Muhammad Saqlain expressed his desire for Indian teams to visit Pakistan for matches. He believes that India-Pakistan matches are unpredictable and highly anticipated by the crowd.

The Assistant Coach emphasized the importance of continuity in the process. He mentioned that the cricket team and a football team have already visited Pakistan, and now it’s India’s turn to reciprocate the gesture.

He also stated that the Pakistan government is positive and actively working towards improving relations with the Indian government.

Rehan Butt, Assistant Coach of Pakistan, expressed his happiness to be in India and mentioned that it feels like playing in Pakistan rather than a different country. He appreciated the decision of the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan to send the cricket team to India for the World Cup.

Abdul Rana, a Pakistan hockey player, highlighted the importance of matches between India and Pakistan, stating that the people want to see both teams playing against each other in each other’s countries. He also expressed gratitude for the love received in India.

The Assistant Coach previously expressed pride in playing against India. He commended the marvelous Indian crowd and their warm hearts. He acknowledged the challenges of playing against the top-ranked team in the world and praised India’s growth in hockey.