The Angular Training Course Provided at Zeolearn and its Various Benefits in the Long Run

There are plenty of growth opportunities in the IT industry and there’s always something new to learn. If you’re interested in building an application using HTML and Typescript then Angular Training would be best for you. Angular provides you with a robust framework that would help you out to create rich and interactive applications that can run on not just one but multiple platforms. There’s a lot to learn about angular and once you’re familiar with the basic concepts the course would help you to dive deeper into the core concepts. The pre-requisite of taking this course is that you need to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and some intermediate knowledge about JavaScript. This is a very basic requirement for anyone familiar with the concept of programming.

With the help of Angular Training provided by Zeolearn, you’ll master angular 11 and be able to develop complicated data-centric web applications that can run on multiple platforms. The course is simple and doesn’t’ take much of your time. It includes 24 hours interactive training led by an instructor. It has all the features of angular from Angular 2 to 11. So the knowledge that you’d gain would not be limited to the latest version only. Experiential learning is provided in this course which includes end to end development cycles. In the training, you’ll learn Typescript, Forms, Directives, Routing, Pipes, HTTP, and much more.

The Need to Acquire Angular 11 Skills from the Zeolearn Training Course

Angular skills are in-demand by almost every company that needs a web application. Angular has gained popularity in the recent past and acquiring angular skills would be beneficial to you in the long run because it has plenty of benefits. The Angular course provided by Zeolearn is very detailed. They have expert trainers who provide training sessions and experiential learning experiences through a hands-on practical approach. Thus, the course not only provides you with knowledge but experience as well. After the completion of this course, you’d be highly trained in developing responsive and interactive SPA web applications to take your business or company to new heights.

There are plenty of benefits of angular because of which it’s important to have its skills. It is beneficial for not only the company but for the individual as well. Since it’s a highly demanding job, Angular Developers have an annual salary of $111,888 ( Angular increases your job prospects and gives you a wide range of tech companies to get hired from because mostly all companies are built on the angular framework. If there are new updates in Angular the companies would want updates in their SPA web applications as well and therefore the job is highly demanding. Furthermore, companies prefer it because it reduces code and therefore it reduces time as well. Angular makes it easier to interact with other web applications because of its robust framework. It provides a single platform to create web, native, and desktop applications so that you don’t have to take three different training

Details about the Training Experience Provided by Zeolearn

  • Experiential learning with hands-on training or exercises, group discussions, intensive Q and A, and assignments
  • The training is provided by experts who have worked in industries for more than a decade
  • Live and interactive 24 hours instructor-led training sessions where you can clear all your doubts
  • You’ll get reviews and feedback for the projects and assignments that you do during your training
  • Learning is based on reason entirely and there’s no memorizing concept. Practical knowledge is what matters when it comes to angular.
  • You’ll learn how to build projects and have a firm grip on concepts with helpful examples. These will help you to create a great portfolio as you can add every project in it and show recruiters that you already have working experience.
  • You get access to free enrolment for your entire life in any upcoming batches so that you can refresh your concepts whenever you feel the need to.
  • The curriculum is designed by experts with care so that it includes the latest trends in the market
  • It’s an online training course and therefore you can study from even the remotest location on the planet as well, as long as you have an internet connection

What Will You Learn in the Angular Training Course?

  • Concepts of Typescript used in angular applications
  • Creating, using, or decomposing components like CLI, monolithic UI, etc
  • Learning template syntax and its application in developing dynamic templates
  • Modularizing angular applications by creating feature modules
  • Creating, injecting, and consuming services to hold business logic
  • Developing template-driven and reactive forms
  • Implementing navigation and protecting routes
  • Using angular elements to implement web components
  • Work with advanced features such as server-side rendering, Angular Material, service workers, and PWAs
  • Understanding bundling process and optimizations applied by angular CLI.
  • Unit testing applications using jasmine, karma, and testing utilities
  • Understanding Chrome and Microsoft VS code to debug angular applications
  • Taking advantage of angular CLI and augury

Angular training has plenty of job benefits in the long run and that is why it is important to get its training in this modern era when almost every IT company uses it to enhance the productivity of its business. Angular provides plenty of growth opportunities and it enhances your job role and makes you a highly valuable Angular Developer. They are in demand and therefore have high salaries. The Zeolearn course is one of the best courses to get trained about angular because it provides you with all the important knowledge from foundation to creating job applications. You’ll become an official trained developer of angular once you take the training course. You can access it from any location and enjoy its benefits. Whether you’re new in the technical field or have enough experience in programming, Angular Course would be really helpful to you.



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